At Madame Chic, we offer a curated selection of pre-owned and carefully sourced items from around the world. Each piece is chosen for its unique characteristics such as condition and rarity to ensure that it is beautiful and of the highest quality.

While some items may exhibit signs of wear, there are some that are in "New" condition, never having been used before. We strive to be detailed and precise when describing the condition of an item and also provide an overall assessment, so you can have a complete understanding of the item and determine if it meets your expectations.

It is important to thoroughly review all the photos of your selected item to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and avoid the need for a return, which may include additional costs such as postage and fees.

Condition Ratings

An item that is new and unworn is one that has never been used, and is free from any defects or alterations, showing no signs of wear or usage.
Items that are in excellent condition have been minimally used and kept in pristine condition, ideally with the original packaging but not always. Any imperfections should be clearly stated in the product description and illustrated in the accompanying photographs.
Items that are in good condition have been used but are still in good shape. Any blemishes or marks should be clearly stated in the item's description and depicted in its accompanying photos.
Items that are in fair condition have been well-used and exhibit signs of wear. These characteristics should be noted in the item's description and illustrated in its accompanying photographs.