Who is madame chic?

Hi, I'm Adele, my special passion is collecting preloved vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags and if you're reading this it's possible that, like me, designer bags are something you love as well.

This could be great news because I'm now in a unique position to help you indulge in our shared passion, I'd like to explain how! I'll begin by sharing that I'm a businesswoman and in recent years, as Madame Wax, my award winning waxing salon & training academy has thrived, my ability to collect preloved designer handbags has grown as well.

Like any successful business person, I keep one eye on the future to be prepared for the opportunities that are coming and a year or so ago, when I was on a cruise taking a well earned break, I spotted a new opportunity which changed the direction of my life, for good!

If you think back, you'll remember it was obvious that inflation was about to become a real problem and it would no longer make sense to have cash sitting in the bank earning little or no interest, while its value was eaten away. Instead it needed to be invested, but the $64,000 question was ... invested in what?

The answer came as I wandered around the cruise ship because I stumbled upon a preloved designer handbag boutique. I was in heaven. I went away and started to research. I discovered an article about people buying preloved handbags as a hedge against inflation! It was exactly what I was looking for and I realised straight away it was something I wanted to do. I also realised that to maximise the investment opportunity of preloved designer bags I needed to research the best ones to collect for investment purposes and the best places to buy them from as well.

Since then I have found someone in America who taught me everything I needed to know and I've taken that knowledge and used it to invest £30,000 pounds so far in buying preloved designer bags ... and I'll admit I love looking at them when I'm working in my office where I keep them on display!

In January 2023 I decided I was being selfish, keeping what I'd learned about using bags as an investment to myself, and decided to launch Madame Chic, a business dedicated to helping people like you find your preloved dream bags at an affordable price so you can take advantage of the investment opportunity they offer ... just like I've done.

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